16th November 2017 - Jacques Howell

Millions leave their loved ones to navigate money maze after they die

More than 40 million adults haven’t organised their important financial information well enough to allow their loved ones to easily locate it on their death Millennials are most worried about money but only a quarter plan to save more over the next 12 months In the event of a death, most families rely on savings (33%), followed by pension funds…

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4th October 2017 - Tracey Payne

Ongoing Governance of the Investment Process

For investors who adopt a systematic buy-hold-rebalance approach to investing, it can be tempting to question why the portfolio seems to be largely unchanged from one period to the next and what the firm is doing for its fee. That would be unfair. Our Herbert Scott portfolios sit in this systematic buy-hold rebalance approach category; whilst…

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3rd October 2017 - Jacques Howell

Old £1 coins – Make sure you clear your piggy banks!

With the new 12-sided £1 coin now well circulated; the current round version will stop being legal tender (and so won’t be accepted in shops) on 15 October 2017. After that, if you still have any old £1 coins, you won’t be able to spend them. Of course, you’ve got just under two weeks left yet…

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14th September 2017 - Jodie Richards

The New £10 Note is in Circulation Now!

The new polymer £10 note comes into circulation today.   Featuring the face of author Jane Austen, the plastic note is the first British bank note with tactile information for blind and partially sighted people. A cluster of raised dots in the upper corner will help blind and partially sighted people identify the note.

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14th September 2017 - Samuel Martin

Who benefits from a student loan interest rate cut?

Cutting the student loan interest rate will only help richer graduates, according to analysis by Recently, the papers have been mooting that Theresa May’s government is looking to cut the English and Welsh student loan interest rate – now at a 6.1% headline rate for those who began Uni in or after 2012 – in…

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13th September 2017 - Jodie Richards

The Bank of Mum and Dad at University

Only one in seven parents save enough to cover all university costs One in five parents surveyed said university wasn’t worthwhile for their children 4 in 10 parents of students with jobs while at university said work affected their studies Almost a third of parents give children money to pay off student debts Millions of UK parents could be counting…

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12th September 2017 - Jodie Richards

Unprotected self-employed more at risk of financial crisis

Around two million of the country’s self-employed can’t afford to save anything each month Self-employed people save less and spend more on bills than the UK average Only 4% have income protection insurance to cover their outgoings if they couldn’t work, which could leave them struggling to cope financially Nearly two million of self-employed people in the UK…

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30th August 2017 - Jennie Snooks

Millions feel the squeeze financially while coping with a critical illness

30.5 Million people diagnosed with a critical illness faced a shortfall of income A third (33%) of those with a critical illness took six months or more off work Carers looking after a loved one are significantly impacted, with more than half (54%) having to take time off or reduce their working hours.

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30th August 2017 - Jacques Howell

New research shows millennials are more willing to save into a pension

New research from Royal London has found that auto enrolment in a workplace pension is very popular with millennials with nearly three quarters (71%) deciding not to opt out after being enrolled and a further 8% saying that they opted out but then opted back in. Encouragingly 3 out of 4 millennials that have a workplace…

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30th August 2017 - Samuel Martin

Go Karting Summer Outing

On Thursday 20th July, the full complement of Herbert Scott employees ventured to Filching Manor in Polegate to compete in a Go-Karting extravaganza! The team had varying degrees of experience in the karting world, so once we were all kitted out with helmets and overalls, we went through a pre-race briefing where we were told about the various intricacies of…

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