14th October 2019 - Jacques Howell

The Importance of Income Protection

When you hear the words ‘mortgage protection’ what do you instinctively think of? You’re probably thinking about life cover or critical illness cover? These are all great ideas and excellent advice for people taking out mortgages as they can provide a lump sum to repay the debt in full if one of the mortgage holders dies…

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7th October 2019 - David Herbert

Should I pay off my child’s student loan?

The last thing many parents want is for their children to leave university with a huge student debt hanging over them. We are often asked the question – “Should I pay off my child’s student loan?” It’s a simple question to ask, but one that has no simple answer and depends on personal circumstances and feelings rather than just plain…

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4th October 2019 - Tracey Payne

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… There is always a temptation to fiddle around with a portfolio’s structure to try to position it ready for potential short-term global events, such as Brexit. Investors would do well to remind themselves that the core principles of good investing hold true through all market conditions.  It is also worth remembering…

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30th September 2019 - Tracey Payne

How long is long term?

For many investors – particularly those in retirement – the question ‘how long is long-term?’ could also be translated as ‘I’m getting on a bit, so should I still be investing in the stock market?’.  When is comes to systematic investing – that is to say, capturing specific market risks in a disciplined and rules based manner – a subsidiary…

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8th August 2019 - Tracey Payne

Making it easy to access quality financial advice in Lewes, East Sussex 

Herbert Scott, Lewes based Chartered Financial Planners, has doubled its office space with a move that brings quality financial advice closer to the doorsteps of people living in and around the county town. The firm was set up in 1996 by David Herbert and Kevin Scott with the intent to grow a financial services business that, one day, will…

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26th July 2019 - Hannah Bibby

Another exam achievement!

Herbert Scott has always supported the ongoing development of its staff and we are delighted to announce that Sam Martin has recently succeeded in achieving his Certificate in Regulated Financial Services Operations, a highly-regarded financial planning qualification.  Sam is now looking to further his study, with the aim of ultimately achieving Chartered status. Well done Sam – we are…

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25th July 2019 - Jennie Snooks

Proms in the Paddock

Proms in the Paddock is a unique and hugely popular event that is brought to Lewes each summer by Commercial Square Bonfire Society.  It takes place on Saturday 3rd August 2019 in ‘The Paddock’, a long-established playing field in the heart of Lewes, surrounded by beautiful trees and overlooked by Lewes’ historic castle.  We welcome the opportunity to give something…

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24th July 2019 - Tracey Payne

Celebrating exam success!

Herbert Scott has always supported the ongoing development of its staff and we are delighted to announce  that after several years of study, Ben Nolan, has achieved Chartered status as a financial planner.  This qualification is the most highly rated in our industry and embodies competence, technical knowledge and ethical behaviour. Bens success brings the total number of people…

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17th June 2019 - Ellen Wood

Keeping You Updated

As most of you are already aware, Herbert Scott are moving offices at the beginning of July. In our last blog, we provided you with the Instagram handle @renovatingtheleftbank, this Instagram account will document the drastic changes that are occurring to the premises that was formerly Prezzo on Lewes High Street. In this modern era, almost everyone uses social…

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6th June 2019 - Tracey Payne

The Pain and Pleasure of Diversification

Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve! It is human nature to look at an investment that has done particularly well and wish you had been invested in it. We all risk being dragged into ‘if only’ mind games: ‘If only I had put a £10,000 into Amazon in 2003, I’d be retired by now’.  ‘If only I had bought Bitcoin at…

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